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The end-time and our children

I recently had a “stop the world – I want to get off” moment. This was when I heard on the news that a certain government somewhere in the world was considering legalising currently illegal drugs because research hasn’t adequately shown that these drugs can be harmful, and fighting against illegal drug use isn’t worth […]

Is the end-time now?

So, let’s talk about the world we live in. Lots has changed in recent years. Lots has changed in the past 100 years. What was formerly known as “normal” or “right” or “important” has completely changed. A total moral paradigm shift has taken place. Honesty, purity, modesty are no longer ideals, they are frowned and […]

What about “the Trinity”?

I will begin with the end. I will conclude on a personal note.  I am personally very thankful that my Father sacrificed His Son to bear the death penalty for me. I am also immensely thankful that my older brother Jesus the Christ sought Our Father’s will and did not fear losing His physical life. […]

God is …

God is … … more than an idea, a concept, an answer, a word, He is … … my true Father in Heaven – who cares about me, teaches me, protects me, punishes me, satisfies me, loves me. God has been known to me all my life. My parents played an important role in that […]

How we keep the Sabbath

God instructs mankind to rest on the Sabbath. He made the Sabbath for man(kind). As our loving Father in Heaven He knows that we mortal creatures need a day of rest, to stop, refocus our attention on higher matters, worship and honour Him and keep the day in such a way that is pleasing to […]

How to keep the Sabbath?

How to keep the Sabbath? “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). This is probably the most important concept to understand when it comes to “how” keep the Sabbath. My previous article on “when” to keep the Sabbath talks a bit more about the reasons for why the […]

Why do I keep the Sabbath on Saturday

For me it is a matter of obedience.  It is a well known fact that the seventh day Sabbath instituted by God at creation is, according to our modern calendar, Saturday.  (Or, in these other languages – Arabic: Sabet Armenian: Shabat  Bosnian: Subota  Bulgarian: Sabota Corsican: Sàbatu  Georgian: Sabati  Greek: Savvato  Indonesian: Sabtu  Italian: Sabato  […]