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We are a Sabbath and Holy Day keeping family. We strive to follow God’s laws daily and believe the Gospel of the soon coming Kingdom of God. The whole Bible is our guidebook to life, and we are thankful for God’s calling and the opportunity to live His way, develop His righteous character and teach our children to be future members of His family.

This blog records personal thoughts on God’s Word and His way of life, written from the perspectives of Husband and Wife.  Husband and Wife write to each other through this blog – sharing their personal study of the Bible and their thoughts on various subjects.

Each blog entry is considered by us as a “Thought Report”. A method of expressing what often just pops into our heads throughout the day as we go about our usual daily tasks, or when we are reading the Bible, walking in the nature or having family time together.

It is our hope that we can learn from each other and understand the different but complementary perspectives on the Bible from both a male and female persective .

We welcome any comments, feedback or questions from readers.


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  1. Hi There Folks, I just stumbled across your site while doing some research for an article I’m doing on Modern Day Pharisees. I write for the Sabbath Sentinel. I don’t know if you know it or not.

    Your piece on Pharisaical attitudes provided me with something I was missing. Some worldly Christians see Sabbath keepers as legalistic. Some consider Christians unwilling to accept homosexuality Pharisaical. I know you’d agree with me that they are wrong.

    One thing I’m not sure you are aware of is that the Pharisees considered their oral, Talmudic, traditions on the same level with Gods written law. That is a part of what Christ condemned. Some don’t realize that Paul was actually talking about two bodies of law in his writings as well… Sorry to get preachy!!! I’m focused on my article!

    I like your blogs very much! Quite a unique idea…sharing your thoughts with each other in such a way. Very inspiring!

    Have a Great Sabbath!

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