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Week of Memory Verses – Week 5

Click here to download a pdf of week 5 memory verses Advertisements


Click here to download a pdf version of week 4 of the memory verses.

A Week of Memory Verses – Week 3

Click here to download week 3 of the memory verses!

A Week of Memory Verses – Week 2

Click HERE to download Week 2 of our memory verses.

A week of memory verses – Week 1

So, it is time to start regularly memorising some scriptures. I have taken some of the scriptures that we have referenced in our previous posts and now we can simply commit to memory one scripture a day. Easy! Click HERE to download Week 1 of our memory verses.

Ten Commandments Printable

ten commandments printable Click on the above link to download the PDF and see how the 10 Commandments fit perfectly into the two great commandments given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 22:37-40. Christ did not come to do away with the 10 Commandments but rather to magnify/fulfill/complete them with their full spiritual meaning – see […]

Child-rearing Scriptures

  Childrearing Scriptures Printable