About Husband

Being a husband – that is a job, a responsibility, an expectation, an illusion.

Many are husbands, some are not even aware of it. They exercise the job of a husband by cohabiting with a wife who again might not even know that she is one. They live the “job” of a relationship which opens up hearts and minds, is intimate and personal, and which can lead to great joy and great pain. The job is to greet each other in the mornings, to make one’s cup of teas, to discuss about upcoming expenses and holidays, to smile at each other, to say good good-night to when one goes to sleep. Many of you are doing these things – your are husbands, even when unmarried. Marriage is not only a signature and a promise, it is a lifestyle and a committment.

Not all of those whose job is being a husband fulfill their responsibilities all too well. Many even don’t like being responsible because they see this as being chained up. Yet responsibility is not a heavy burden, it is an honour and an opportunity to be good at your job. Sounds unromantic? I say: First do your job well, then romance and marital joy comes as a freebee. So you better be faithful, make sure you talk to your wife, give her emotional and even financial stability, be her best friend and don’t hide your ideas and dreams from her!

Yes, she expects all that from you, husband. Since I am one, I may tell you that I take these responsibilities seriously and that I want her to expect such behaviour from me. She keeps me on my toes!

And since we all think what great husbands we are, we live an illusion. We are only as great as our partner and wouldn’t be anything near as good a husband without our wives. Only through constant communication and the desire to learn can we be the right mate to our wives. We evolve together as a team.

In this blog I am going to share some of my views on the Bible and this Christian life of mine with my readers. I hope you can see that I write as a responsible husband who takes his job seriously and who wants to live up to expectations rather than running away from them.

Therefore I write as a husband and from the perspective of a husband. Go ahead and compare my perspective to my wife’s perspective. How different are we? Are we a team? Do we walk together? Do we agree? Do we love each other? Is there anything like truth in this marriage and our intricately linked lives? Does truth exist?

This blog exists to find out about it!


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