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Letters to our children

We have been blessed with two little children and I occasionally write short letters to them, even though they are not old enough to read yet.  My purpose for writing these letters is to record their funny little antics in writing so that they (and we), can enjoy reading about them in the years to […]

Bible Lessons for Children & Educational Resources (external links)

If anyone is interested in finding accurate Bible based (NOT mainstream Christian) educational resources for their children or grandchildren, I have listed below a few links to websites that provide really good lessons.  You will not find any lessons here about Easter or Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any other man-made pagan-originated holiday – instead you […]

Child-rearing Scriptures

  Childrearing Scriptures Printable

The end-time and our children

I recently had a “stop the world – I want to get off” moment. This was when I heard on the news that a certain government somewhere in the world was considering legalising currently illegal drugs because research hasn’t adequately shown that these drugs can be harmful, and fighting against illegal drug use isn’t worth […]

God is …

God is … … more than an idea, a concept, an answer, a word, He is … … my true Father in Heaven – who cares about me, teaches me, protects me, punishes me, satisfies me, loves me. God has been known to me all my life. My parents played an important role in that […]