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How nature will change and why

There are great promises to be fulfilled. Our world’s nature is changing and will continue to change! What changes prior to Christ’s return will we be able to observe? The human race is heaping sin in a scale never known before. There has always been sin, there have always been sinful societies – as in […]

The end-time and our children

I recently had a “stop the world – I want to get off” moment. This was when I heard on the news that a certain government somewhere in the world was considering legalising currently illegal drugs because research hasn’t adequately shown that these drugs can be harmful, and fighting against illegal drug use isn’t worth […]

Is the end-time now?

So, let’s talk about the world we live in. Lots has changed in recent years. Lots has changed in the past 100 years. What was formerly known as “normal” or “right” or “important” has completely changed. A total moral paradigm shift has taken place. Honesty, purity, modesty are no longer ideals, they are frowned and […]