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God’s Holy Days in the Bible – THE SPRING HOLY DAYS

  It is no secret that modern-day “Christian” holidays such as Easter or Christmas are not found in the Bible. In reality Christ tells us to keep holy something completely different from what mainstream Christianity is keeping holy. We are to remember and commemorate His Holy Days, as revealed in the Old and New Testament. […]

Christ’s Sacrifice for me

As the world around me prepares for the Easter holidays, I am preparing to keep the Passover. Strange? Not at all, if you really understand the significance of the Passover and recognise Jesus Christ as our Saviour. I have been keeping the Passover service for well over 10 years now, but it has only been […]

What does the Passover mean to me personally?

What does the Passover mean to me personally? To all those who think that the Passover is an old Jewish tradition: Jesus Christ kept it all His life and introduced new symbols for us to keep on the night before His crucifixion – read Matthew 26 / Luke 22 for a short overview. To all […]