About Wife

As with the colours on the colour spectrum the most vibrancy comes from complementary colours, so do the most vivid moments of my life come from contrasting  experiences. From sleeping in four star hotels to under the stars or in a cave. From drinking very expensive champaigne in some of London’s top spots to eating raw oats and powdered milk in the rain at one of the world’s most southern points. From hiking for hours on foot to travelling on some of the world’s fastest trains. From high-flying boardroom meetings to scraping poop off cloth diapers.   What I have been, what I have done and what I still plan to do and become is all part of the path that my feet walk.

I do like adventure, and being a wife and mother is no less of an adventure to globe-trotting and turning up in some random city late at night with nowhere to sleep.  If uncertain physical circumstances arise I don’t fear with Husband by my side and God ever present. That is the beauty of my life.

How do you define Wife? It is in my mind the greatest honour to be my Husband’s Wife. Call me old fashioned but I value being the “helpmeet” for my husband, to be a support, a home-maker – dutiful and doting. I wouldn’t dare try to be anything different to what God instructs a wife to be, after all, there is a pretty good chance that He knows what is best for His creation “woman” and who am I to contradict Him.  And despite the instruction to be submissive, it is in no way oppressive to be a Godly Wife – my positively colourful life is testimony to that!

Throughout all these adventures this Wife still has thoughts. This blog is a collection of my thoughts on the most important consistent factor that has laid the path for my feet to tread – God and His great plan for all mankind.  Every aspect of my life is connected to this path – everything springs from it, like branches from the trunk of a tree. I write as a Wife, to my Husband, as we share our thoughts with each other through this blog. (Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to sit and talk together over a good cup of tea in the evenings). We walk the same path together and have our roots firmly planted in God’s Word and our desire to grow to be more like Him.

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